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SINOFON® SF-552 FEVE is a baking type (180 to 200 , 20 min) solvent based fluorocarbon resin, which is formed with chlorotrifluoroethylene (CTFE) as the main co-monomer and vinyl ether compound. This kind of fluorocarbon resin can be formulated into kinds of fluorocarbon baking paints, which have the same excellent weather resistance, corrosion resistance and anti-stain character as PVDF does, furthermore, it can be formulated into high loss paints with bright colors.


Applications: Color steel coil coating, Aluminium coil coating, Aluminum panel coating, Anti-corrosion of steel structure
                       coating, Industry coating
Sizes available: Resin is packaged in 200 kg net iron drums.
                          Stored in clearness and dry environment.
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