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Q1. What’s the activities of Asambly Chemicals?

Asambly Chemicals focuses on the research and development of fluorine-containing monomers VDF (vinylidene fluoride) and CTFE (chlorotrifluoroethylene), and is mainly engaged in manufacturing of fluoropolymers (PVDF, FEVE, PCTFE) with the two kinds of fluorine-containing monomer.

Q2. What’s applications of Asambly’s products?

Asambly’s products are mainly used in coatings and engineering plastics. PVDF and FEVE for coatings, PVDF and PCTFE for engineering plastics.

Q3. What’s the difference of PVDF and FEVE in coatings?

PVDF is a thermoplastic resin, it is cured by oven baking at high temperature around 230 deg C. FEVE is a thermosetting resin, it is cured at ambient temperature. PVDF is a powder form and FEVE is a liquid form.

Q4. Is water based available for Asambly’s products in coatings?

Currently, we only have a type water based FEVE available, it is a white emulsion.

Q5. Can you recommend some specific use of your plastic grade PVDF?

Our plastic grade PVDF is available for injection, extrusion and compression, it can be used for making pipes, rods, sheets, tubes, fishing lines and nets, PV backsheet films, solar cell carriers, machinery parts including screws, nuts, valve accessories, elbow coupling, tee coupling, impellers, sprayerl, baskets, bushing, gaskets, pipe fittings, etc.


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