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SINOFON® SF-902 FEVE is a kind of water based and self-crosslinking at ambient temperature fluorocarbon resin, which is formed with chlorotrifluoroethylene (CTFE), organic silicon compound and another monomer with functional groups through Co-Polymerization Emulsions Technology. This kind of fluorocarbon resin can be formulated into water-borne fluorocarbon coatings, which have excellent weather resistance, chemical resistance, UV resistance, excellent salt fog resistance, low VOC and environment friendly. It has good adhesion to substrates and is very suitable for protecting and decorating of interior and exterior wall, keeping bright appearance of architectures in a long time.


Applications: Mainly used for protecting and decorating of interior and exterior wall of architecture, concrete, ceramic, metal, timber, etc.

Sizes available: Resin is packaged in 200 kg net iron drums.

Stored in clearness and dry environment.

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